Improve engine performance and emissions

No matter what car or 4wd you have, every engine can benefit from our carbon clean service in a number of ways. It can restore power and performance, lower emissions, revitalise fuel economy and help avoid costly repairs.

The process cleans the exhaust gas re-circulation valve, the intake and the exhaust of carbon build up.

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Carbon Cleaning

How it works

It’s a simple and safe procedure.  A carbon clean machine and chemical is hooked into the intake and exhaust system, the de-carbon chemical loosens and dissolves excess carbon from the intake EGR and DPF.  The chemical will continue cleaning your intake system for several days after the service has been completed, the engine becoming free of carbon build up and sluggish responses, turbo will spin more freely and a general boost in performance.


  • Repair drivability problems
  • Reduce hesitations, hard to start, rough idle, lack of power
  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Lower smoke opacity
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Restore new car performance

Accessories & Fitting

Overland 4WD also offer a wide range of off road products specialising in providing quality 4WD protection, recovery gear and accessories..

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