Vital recovery equipment

Of the dozens of items we jam into our vehicles before we hit the trail, few are more vital than a means of elevating a vehicle. Whether you get stuck in the sand or shred a tyre, the often-overlooked jack will be your best friend.

High Lift Jack

Hi-Lift Jack

Your vehicle has a conventional jack for tyre changing, but that will not be suitable on a soft ground or rutty environment. Chances are when you damage a tyre it won’t be on a flat hard surface. Just as important you must have the means to jack your vehicle up in a bog or a grounding to enable you to infill the terrain to give adequate support.

With a lifting capacity of 1050kg, the Hi Lift jack has proved itself to be a reliable and trusted tool. Features include 1070mm lift height, durable carry bag to keep things neat and tidy, it can also be used to pull, push, lift and winch.

Hilift Transparent 01