High-quality engine protection

Engines absorb hot air from the surrounding area leading to a kind of hostile condition to the engine. So, when the snorkel is fitted to the vehicle it helps the engine get cool and clean air. These actions further help in performing the engine to its optimum level.

The effortless performance of engine will have technical and fuel efficiency. Let us not confuse with the idea that by fixing a snorkel one can use the vehicle as a submarine! Again, a vehicle fitted with Safari Snorkels with it its outstanding sealed ability is to protect your vehicle from any water penetration. Every snorkel product of Safari is manufactured to meet superior quality sealing.

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 2016 Safari Snorkel

Safari Snorkels

Pioneered in Australia in the early 1980s, Safari Snorkels were born out of a need to protect 4WD engines from the hazards of dust and water commonly encountered in touring and off-road applications.

Safari Snorkels are made from tough, robust, cross linked polyethylene substance that are UV stable.  These products help deliver smooth performance of the engine. The unique sealing features of snorkels resist water from entering into the engine while negotiating through river crossing, driving through water or torrential rain. Hence, this extra fitting lets the 4WD have a trouble-free performance during your endurance.

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